How Can You help?

Donate Money

Our sessions cost in the region of £60 each in addition to which we have weekly essentials to be funded, a list of these can be found on our Donate Items Page. 

What does a Sunday morning session cost per week?

We have worked out as shown below the weekly cost for essential items needed every Sunday session:

80 rashers of bacon £20

80 frozen sausages £10

60 eggs £5

60 hash browns £4

12 pints of milk £3

3 loaves of bread £3

1 margarine £1

1 jar of coffee £2

1 box of tea bags £2

2 bags of sugar £2

Cereals £3

4 cartons of fruit juice £3

This allows us to feed approximately 50 people a full English breakfast with some take away sandwiches also being available.

How can I help?

If you’d like to get involved by donating please click on the link below, every penny is spent on the providing the service with no admin costs taken.

Kitchen for Everyone is a registered charity no. 1187225